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A Balanced Day: Routines and Breaks are Good For You

Maximizing your productivity is not about working as hard as you can for as long as you can. Balancing both your dedication to work routine and your ability to take breaks are crucial for quality results, thoughtful breakthroughs, and maintaining mental well-being. Incorporating routine into your workday—think of it as a way of automating your approach to your efforts, to minimize effort—can pay big dividends. Conversely, knowing when to step

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Vacations: Where Productivity Takes an Unexpected Turn

Do you ever find yourself talking about a scene in a movie, only to forget the name of the movie midway through your sentence? The way our brains work is both remarkable and mysterious. One minute, we’re processing massive amounts of data like a machine. Next, we’re struggling to remember our best friend’s birthday. There’s so much about the brain we don’t understand. But what we are learning is that

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