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7 Tips From Experts: Watch Business Productivity Soar in Evernote

Have you ever wished you could ask Evernote experts to unlock their top tips for business productivity? That’s exactly what happened in Australia and Singapore last month as a few of our local Evernote Certified Consultants (ECCs), along with Joshua Zerkel, Evernote’s Director of Global Community and Training, held live events to talk about productivity and work on the go. Sponsored by global tech education company General Assembly, these events

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Evernote Certified Consultant Brings Productivity and Efficiency to Businesses

Evernote Certified Consultants are independent business owners endorsed by Evernote. They specialize in digital productivity workflows for businesses and individuals. Today, the Evernote Community team talks to Stacey Harmon, Principal of Harmon Enterprises and Evernote Certified Consultant, about what it takes to turn your passion into a business. Evernote: You’ve developed a thriving network in Austin. How did you begin, and get you to the point you are at now? Stacey:

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