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2020 Update: Our Progress and the Road Ahead

One year after laying out fresh priorities for Evernote, CEO Ian Small reflects on how far we’ve come in 12 months and what remains to be done in 2020.

Part 5 – Conclusion and Future

This is the final post in a 5-part series on Evernote’s transition to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To read this series from the beginning, see Part 1. All of the planning and processes explored in parts 1-4 of this series got us ready to build the next generation of Evernote. So how were we able to achieve the migration so quickly? Ruthless Focus In order to stand any chance of

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Part 1 – The Evernote Service and our options to migrate to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Since inception of the service in 2008, Evernote has owned, configured, and maintained its own servers and network. This approach gave us the ability to build the service we wanted the way we wanted to build it. But it was also limiting – difficult to scale, slow to upgrade and expensive to maintain. While the infrastructure we had was well suited to support Evernote at the time, it lacked the

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Evernote Reaches the Cloud: Migration to Google Cloud Platform Complete

Back in September, we announced that Evernote would be migrating to a modern, cloud infrastructure. We lost no time in getting started. Just one month after the announcement, we were already moving data to the Google Cloud Platform. We’re excited to announce that Evernote has successfully migrated our service to the cloud, and accomplished this with minimal impact on our customers. Because this migration took place in the background, you

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Making Sense of Unstructured Data with Google Cloud Natural Language API

This article was written by Anirban Kundu, Anupom Syam, and Li Wang Evernote started with the aspiration of building a second brain for our users. The first step on this journey was enabling them to “remember everything” by capturing and accessing their ideas, thoughts, and memories at any time, anywhere. We’re now embarking on the next step of that journey by using Machine Learning (ML) to not only help people

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Evernote’s Future Is in the Cloud

When we marked Evernote’s 8th anniversary this summer, there was a lot to celebrate. We’re proud of what we’ve built: a place where all of your most productive notes and ideas can be collected, nurtured, and preserved. And we’re even more excited about the future, with many new features and enhancements under development. Paving the road for that future means taking a close look at how every part of Evernote

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