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Tracking Shades of Blue with Marta Spendowska

For many of us, staying organized and productive is about drawing sharp divisions—this goes here, that goes there. But for abstract artist Marta Spendowska, it can be as subtle as the line between two shades of blue. Marta’s vibrant, atmospheric art and design are all about the interplay and harmony of color. Off the canvas, she brings the same notions of interplay and harmony to a creative organization system built

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Evernote and the Brain: Designing Creativity Workflows

One of the classic debates for Evernote organization essentially is, ‘to tag or not to tag.’ From Michael Hyatt to Thomas Honeyman, thousands upon thousands of you have relied on tags as your primary organizational system. But, the power of Evernote is in its flexibility. Tiago Forte offers up a different approach. Tiago posits that Evernote is a thinking tool. You can create your own digital system that systematically helps

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