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Evernote Helps Make Progress Partners Exceptional

Progress Partners is a boutique investment banking firm based in Boston and New York comprised of twenty-five former investors, founders, and operators. The company primarily advises emerging growth tech, data, and media companies on mergers and acquisitions transactions. Progress Partners’ heavily process-driven approach is designed to set up choice for management teams and their shareholders while allowing clients to focus on execution and running the business. To make sure this

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See How a Japanese Bus Line Rolls Forward with Evernote

We all know the challenge of keeping colleagues up to date in an office setting. When those people have to manage information out in the field, the challenge is that much harder. Consider the case of the Meihan Kintetsu Bus Co., which operates a fleet of charter and sightseeing buses. They needed a way for all their tour guides to share knowledge with each other and keep up with the

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Crusading for Equal Pay, with Evernote by Her Side

In her book, Navigating the Career Jungle: A Guide for Young Professionals, author and career advisor Jacqueline V. Twillie starts out with one of those pieces of common sense advice that should be obvious, but really isn’t. After explaining that networking is not about collecting business cards, but actually connecting with people, she points out that forging meaningful connections takes work. In order to impress potential employers or customers, “you

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Surprising Ways Creative Minds Use Evernote

What’s your biggest goal for 2018? Finally writing that book you’ve had inside you for years? Launching a podcast? Performing stand-up comedy in front of an adoring crowd? Whatever your aspiration, this can be the year you take positive steps toward making it a reality. As scary as it might be to think about what lies ahead, big goals don’t always demand big actions. Often, all you need to achieve

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How Evernoters Use Evernote: Alie’s Whirlwind of Activity

If you looked at Alie Bui’s daily schedule, you’d think she has more hours in the day than the rest of us. Alie is both a center of calm and a bundle of energy. Outside of her formidable duties at Evernote, she’s a jeweler. A metalsmith. A craftswoman who dabbles in everything from resin casting to soap-making to creating natural fabric dyes. A bartender. A floral arranger. A baker. A

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How Lore’s Aaron Mahnke Scared Up a Smash Hit with Evernote

In the past, we’ve highlighted some of the unique ways Evernote helps writers’ creative work—from researching to archiving ideas. We recently caught up with Aaron Mahnke, author and host of the wildly popular and frankly hair-raising podcast “Lore.” Aaron talked about how the power of storytelling and a dash of Evernote helped fuel his passion. Nothing beats a great story. Storytelling has helped create our connection to others as long

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Guts, Glory, and Evernote: Extreme Athlete Writes the Book on the Marathon des Sables

In the blistering heat and never-ending sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, the bravest, fittest souls in the world look across the vast, terrifying expanse and see only challenge and opportunity. For them, the six-day, 156-mile (251 km) annual race across the unforgiving Moroccan desert known as the Marathon des Sables (MdS) is the ultimate test of stamina and endurance, and thousands sign up every year—but only a few complete

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Tracking Shades of Blue with Marta Spendowska

For many of us, staying organized and productive is about drawing sharp divisions—this goes here, that goes there. But for abstract artist Marta Spendowska, it can be as subtle as the line between two shades of blue. Marta’s vibrant, atmospheric art and design are all about the interplay and harmony of color. Off the canvas, she brings the same notions of interplay and harmony to a creative organization system built

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