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Announcing Serge 1.3

Those who have read Evernote Tech Blog in the past may already know what Serge is. It is an open-source tool that we developed to continuously localize all Evernote clients and marketing materials into 25+ languages. Today, we’re marking a new release which accumulates numerous improvements across the board. If your team is seeking for ways to optimize localization process and free developers from a repetitive work of exporting resources

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So API Together: Evernote and Thrift

When we started to plan the Evernote service in 2007, we knew that we would need to support both “thin” clients (like web browsers) and “thick” synchronizing clients on the day that we launched. This forced us us to think about remote protocols and client APIs before we built any web GUI, rather than waiting a few months to staple an API onto an existing web service. Our application forced

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