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How to Plan a Family Vacation Without Losing Your Mind

Want to plan a family vacation without losing your mind? Read these tips to plan a vacation your entire family will get excited about.

Have More Fun and Get More Done With Your Summer Survival Guide

For kids, summer means freedom and fun. For parents, summer survival means finding activities to do with the whole family. See how Evernote can help.

Facebook Live: A More Organized 2017 at Home

As we move in and get cozy with 2017, one of the first things we all want to do is look at how we can make New Year’s resolutions a reality. Evernote is all about digital organization and productivity, but our physical spaces matter, too. That’s why we invited Sam from Simply Organized to join us in a Facebook Live event to talk about how to begin organizing at home.

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Evernote at the Holidays: Making a List, Checking it Twice

It’s officially the start of the holiday season, so we checked in with Evernote’s holiday productivity expert Brian Tobin to learn some tips to help you become more productive over the next hectic month. But Brian, the technical program manager at Evernote, isn’t thinking about the holidays. He’s thinking about a teddy bear. Brian just made a recreation of his childhood teddy bear as a present for his mother. Not

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8 Ways to Begin Your Genealogy Journey Using Evernote

Years ago, Kerry Scott was a 21-year-old woman who had just moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She knew no one in the area. Or so she thought. One day, she got a mysterious letter. A 90-year-old relative had written to Kerry to tell her she wasn’t alone at all. She had many relatives in the area, but she needed to visit local graveyards to find them. Intrigued, Kerry sought out this

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