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Does Gratitude Make Us More Productive?

We’ve all been encouraged to feel more grateful. But in today’s fast-paced life, we can find ourselves perpetually focusing on what’s next at the expense of recognizing the beauty around us. The rise of the smartphone means that we could always theoretically be responding to work emails. When we scroll through our Facebook timelines, it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people’s highlight reels and feel we aren’t enough. But

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On Minimalism: Simple Living and the Road to Happiness

At Evernote, we love productivity, but we also care about maintaining balance in our lives. This month, we’re diving into how experts on minimalism stay productive without losing focus on what’s important. In part two of this series, we learned that there’s an inherent difference between being focused and being busy. In this post, we’ll explore how consumerism connects to depression and the counterpart, how minimalism connects to happiness–a state

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