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How to Get Started with Daily Journaling

Journaling regularly can bring peace of mind. Learn how you can begin daily journaling to benefit your mental health with tips from Evernote and Talkspace.

17 Quotes on Mental Health to Inspire You

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Check out these inspirational mental health quotes the Evernote staff turns to in order to get through tough days.

How to Capture Your Ideas and Accomplish More

Your brain processes thousands of ideas each day, quickly moving from one to the next. Here are four ways to document your best ideas so they can live forever.

Break the Monotony to Spark Inspiration

Extreme focus can cause mental tunnel vision and block inspiration. Openness to new experiences can break monotony, spark inspiration, and boost creativity.

Drawing Inspiration from da Vinci

This post is part of an ongoing series, “Taking Note,” which outlines the history and styles of note-taking. In this series, we explore how taking notes can improve your creativity and all the work you set out to accomplish. For many of us, inspiration begins with a simple sketch. Leonardo da Vinci, the most inspirational of all Renaissance figures, imagined the possibility of everything from flight to robotics. It was

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How to Stay Inspired and Turn Your Entrepreneurial Dreams into Reality

In support of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, we are featuring conversations with authors, founders, leaders, and visionaries. We hope their insights and experience inspire you to propel your own ideas into action. Today, we share advice from Austin entrepreneur Krisstina Wise. She’s founder and CEO of a nationally-recognized real estate brokerage. Krisstina incorporated paperless tactics and technology to enable her team to spend more time engaging with clients in the

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How Adam Savage uses Evernote from Inspiration to Completion

Check out behind the scenes footage from The Robotic Spider Project, a collaborative venture featuring Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and Evernote.   Long before the science, there was the story.  Adam Savage became known for testing the limits of science on the popular Discovery Channel TV series “Mythbusters,” but he began his career designing props for Hollywood films. When you watch an episode of the myth-busting television program, you get a sense of

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