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Podcast: Joshua Zerkel on Organizing and the Evernote Community

Joshua Zerkel is a busy man. As Evernote’s Director of Global Customer Education and Community, he brings together productivity experts and Evernote fans around the world. He’s also a Certified Professional Organizer, dedicated to helping people gain more control over their work and lives. In the previous episode of Taking Note, Josh gave us some simple steps for beginning the battle against clutter. In this episode, Josh tells us how

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Podcast: Getting Organized with Joshua Zerkel

If you’ve followed Evernote (or this blog) for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered Joshua Zerkel’s name more than once. As Evernote’s Director of Global Community and Training, Josh travels the world meeting with customers and running Evernote’s community programs. But he’s also a Certified Professional Organizer with tremendous insights into how we can gain more control over our work and our lives. In the first half of a

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