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Do vs. Done Lists: Jot Down Your Small Wins to Amplify Success

If you’re reading the Evernote Blog, chances are you’re someone who loves to get things done. To move the needle. But have you ever had the suspicion that the way you’re approaching your to-do list and overall task planning is hindering your effectiveness? Perhaps your processes are increasing stress or anxiety (known disruptors to problem-solving) and clouding your creative thought.   The power of progress It’s interesting to note that

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Evernote Employee Inspiration: Meet the Idea Man, “Mr. Evernote”

 In this series, we spotlight employees and the clever and creative ways they use the product! Get some inspiration from Evernote insiders. In a way, Josh Zerkel is “Mr. Evernote.” As head of the Evernote Community and Certified Consultant programs, it’s Josh’s job to spread the word about Evernote to groups around the world, and he designs programs to bring fans together to meet and learn from each other. It’s

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Taking Note: How to Use Bullet Points for Concise Note-Taking

This post is part of our ongoing series, “Taking Note,” outlining the storied history and styles of note-taking. Throughout the coming weeks, we’ll explore how the practice of taking notes can improve your creativity and all the work you set out to accomplish. In a world that moves at the speed of social media, it’s imperative to get your point across quickly. More often than not, when you’re dealing with

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