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Announcing Serge 1.3

Those who have read Evernote Tech Blog in the past may already know what Serge is. It is an open-source tool that we developed to continuously localize all Evernote clients and marketing materials into 25+ languages. Today, we’re marking a new release which accumulates numerous improvements across the board. If your team is seeking for ways to optimize localization process and free developers from a repetitive work of exporting resources

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Serge 1.2 is Out

About this time last year, we released Serge, our continuous localization solution, as an open-source project. During this year we collected some good feedback from users who are experimenting with it and start to use it at their organizations. Based on the feedback, and according to our internal needs, we’ve been constantly improving Serge during this year. While internally we’re using the code directly from the master branch, it makes

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Our Continuous Localization System, Serge, is now Open Source!

Evernote has more than 150,000,000 users worldwide, and more than 70% of them are outside of the United States. Right from the start, Evernote positioned itself as an international company, and we put much effort into localization. Evernote is being translated into more than 30 languages, and although we have a very agile development process, as well as many types of software clients for various platforms, we still manage to

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