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Can Jazz Teach You to Be Better Organized?

The night in early 2016 was cold and clear, but inside the small jazz club in Old Lyme, Connecticut, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. Standing on the low stage at one end of the room, saxophonist Mike Casey was deep in concentration. His eyes shut tight, the young musician was focused on the creative interplay between himself, bassist Matt Dwonszyk, and drummer Corey Garcia. It was the biggest night

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Can You Get Your Productivity in Tune with Music?

Sometimes it seems we’re surrounded by music. It’s hard to walk along the sidewalk, enter a building, or even sit at work or in a public place without being exposed to some type of music. A car drives down the block sharing the song of the moment. The coffee shop has something playing in the background. That jogger’s headphones allow us to hear the faintest hints of what they’re listening

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