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Evernote and the Brain: Designing Creativity Workflows

One of the classic debates for Evernote organization essentially is, ‘to tag or not to tag.’ From Michael Hyatt to Thomas Honeyman, thousands upon thousands of you have relied on tags as your primary organizational system. But, the power of Evernote is in its flexibility. Tiago Forte offers up a different approach. Tiago posits that Evernote is a thinking tool. You can create your own digital system that systematically helps

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Productivity in Mind: How Ryder Carroll Designed Bullet Journal

Track the past, organize the present, and prepare for the future. Sound like a familiar challenge? Ryder Carroll, a New York-based designer, set out to tackle this head on from his notebook. A little over three years ago, Ryder developed the Bullet Journal, an analog system designed to be a to-do list, diary, notebook, and sketchbook. It’s flexible enough that you can use it in your Moleskine, or borrow elements

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How to Use Tags to Organize Evernote

The power of Evernote is that there is no right or wrong way to use it. From audio notes to websites, it’s the perfect place to capture and store the content you need to be productive. The question we get from many users is how to organize the material they bring into Evernote. From notebooks to tags, you have the option to decide your own personal classification system. That taxonomy

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