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Surviving the Open Office (Really, It’s Not So Bad)

It’s ten o’clock, and I glance up from my first (okay, second) cup of coffee, only to lose my train of thought. That’s because there’s a visitor in the office. When our recruiter brings new candidates in, she gives them a quick tour, always zipping by my table. “And over here is the marketing team,” she points out. “You see we have an open office, which is really great for

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6 Big HR Headaches for Small Business…Cured

Quick question: Who, in a typical company, knows every person in the office? Chances are, the person you thought of works in Human Resources (HR). Even in the largest organizations, the HR department is responsible for the personal well-being and professional success of everyone who works there. Your company may not have the luxury of a dedicated HR department. In fact, as a small business owner, you probably wear many

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