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Surprising Ways Creative Minds Use Evernote

What’s your biggest goal for 2018? Finally writing that book you’ve had inside you for years? Launching a podcast? Performing stand-up comedy in front of an adoring crowd? Whatever your aspiration, this can be the year you take positive steps toward making it a reality. As scary as it might be to think about what lies ahead, big goals don’t always demand big actions. Often, all you need to achieve

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How Great Writers use Evernote: Best-selling Author Jeff Goins

We tend to picture the world’s great thinkers and artists toiling alone in laboratories and garrets, waiting for a spark of divine inspiration. But great ideas are not hatched in a vacuum. Mozart didn’t construct entire symphonies alone at the piano. Einstein’s theory of relativity was dependent on the work of friends and colleagues. Best-selling author Jeff Goins debunks this lone genius mythology by reminding us that innovation is derived

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