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Scan and annotate with the new Evernote for Android

Following the release of Scannable, many of you asked us about something similar for Android phones. We’ve wanted that too. Today, we’re proud to present our latest Evernote for Android update with some features we’re sure you’ll love! Get the new Evernote for Android » A smarter way to digitize documents Our latest Android update features a redesigned Evernote camera that makes capturing and managing your shots smoother and better

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Scannable: A New Mobile Scanning App from Evernote

Given how much the modern workflow relies on mobile devices, mobile scanning needs to be better. Mobile document scanning doesn’t happen in a vacuum — one way or another it’s part of a larger process in your life that a scanning app should speed up, not slow down. Done well, a great scanning app should emphasize action, not archiving. It should be about the words on the paper, not the

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