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Part 4 – Planning and Executing the Migration

This is Part 4 of a 5-part series on Evernote’s transition to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To read this series from the beginning, see Part 1. In planning the migration of the Evernote service, we wanted to minimize user downtime wherever possible, but also knew our existing architecture would not support a zero-downtime migration. We had the following requirements as inputs when planning the migration methodology and maintenance windows: We

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When we describe our overall service architecture to smart people who have been involved in other big services, the two most common questions are: Why is your structured data stored in SQL databases instead of something like [big-data, web-scale, No-SQL platform X]? Why are you running your own hardware instead of hosting Evernote in [cloud service provider Y]? These are both valid and interesting questions. I’ll start with #1 and

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