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Why You Should Write Things Down: Experience and Information

The Death of Socrates (Detail), Jacques-Louis David, 1787 Life boils down to just two things: experience and information. Experience is what happens in your brain. The slippery chill of diving into a swimming pool. The bittersweet taste of chocolate ice cream on your tongue. Those are experiences. Information is the breadcrumb trail left behind by experience. The photograph of you by the pool. The chocolate stain on your shirt. Information

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How Evernoters Use Evernote: Sketch to Explain Your Ideas

Inspired by airy surroundings and collaborative atmosphere, Evernoters happily mix work with life and share their discoveries about using Evernote. In this series, we’ll spotlight employees and the clever and creative ways they use the product! Get some inspiration from Evernote insiders. Monica Chua loves whiteboards. She relies on them to illustrate even her everyday speech, because to her, communications and visuals are inextricably linked. As a director of product

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