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Evernote to End Support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Over the past year, we published a number of blog posts about ‘focus’ and the idea that you can achieve more by doing less—fewer things done better. As a company, we’re also trying to get better at staying focused. This means spending more of our time and resources on developing our core note-taking products, Evernote Web, Evernote for Android; Windows; Mac; and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Of course, staying

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Android-State Library

We at Evernote believe in open source. That’s why we frequently release and contribute to open source projects like Serge, our continuous localization solution, and Android-Job, an Android library to easily handle background jobs. We’re not only giving back some of our work, but we’re also using a couple of open source projects in our own products. One we rely on heavily is Icepick from Frankie Sardo. Icepick is described as “an

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