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Timeless Note-Taking Systems for Students

Ready for the school year? Learn new note-taking systems that will help you take better notes and conquer your classes.

Podcast: Tiago Forte on Productivity, Provocation, and Layering Knowledge

When it comes to productivity, there are plenty of people who want you to do things their way. Tiago Forte, a productivity consultant based in San Francisco, wants to help you think for yourself. “I try to provoke people,” he says. “I try to find what is becoming the common wisdom that ‘everyone’ knows, and just attack it. Because that gets people thinking.” In Part 1 of our podcast interview

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Taking Note: How to Create Commonplace with Evernote

This post is part of our ongoing series, “Taking Note,” outlining the storied history and styles of note-taking. Throughout the coming weeks, we’ll explore how the practice of taking notes can improve your creativity and all the work you set out to accomplish. Last week, we outlined the deep roots of commonplace. The system of recording anecdotes, ideas, quotes, and reading has been an important method of observational learning that

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4 Effective Strategies to Organize Evernote

Think of Evernote as the engine that helps keep your world running. If you peeled back the hood, you’d be surprised to see that there is the capability to create an engine that is reliable and trusty (like a Ford), or super sporty (like a Ferrari). But, how exactly do you get that engine working? No matter which ‘engine’ you desire, the important thing to remember is that the system

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3 ways to organize NaNoWriMo (or any big writing project) in Evernote

As sponsors of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), we’ve been talking with writers—from novelists to bloggers—about the ways they use Evernote. One thing we discovered right away is that every writer has a unique approach to organization. This is one area where Evernote excels. Whether you like a lot of structure or prefer to keep things simple, Evernote adapts to the way you work. You can track every detail of

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How Evernote’s Image Recognition Works

Evernote’s ability to search for text within images is a popular feature. In this post, I’ll describe how the process works and answer some frequently-asked questions. How images are processed When a note is sent to Evernote (via synchronization), any Resources included in the note that match the MIME types for PNG, JPG or GIF are sent to a different set of servers whose sole job is performing Optical Character

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