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Déjà Vu at the Office? 3 Ways to Stop Duplicating Work

We’ve all been there. We get one of those elusive “a-ha” moments at work, and we spend hours developing the plan. We write the slide deck, we pitch the idea, and we put the roll-out plans in place, dreaming of glory. And then a coworker casually mentions that they tried the same idea—three years ago. Oh, and by the way, it didn’t work. Or, it happened five years ago and

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Podcast: Taking Note of Company Culture with Jess Lee

In the latest episode of the “Taking Note” podcast, we sat down with Jess Lee, an Investing Partner at Sequoia Capital and former CEO of Polyvore, a popular style community that democratizes fashion and e-commerce. Jess discussed what she learned when starting her career at Google, how it helped her grow Polyvore, the challenges of innovation, why some companies are unable to cultivate good company culture, and why women in

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