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Chantal Leonard: “There was no undercurrent to conform to gender norms”

This is the final installment of a three-part series featuring women technical leaders at Evernote. In our first article, we featured engineering director, Kathryn Koehler, and in our second, product design manager Kara Hodecker. Chantal Leonard (far left in the photo above) is a little surprised by her rapid rise in the high-tech world. Many have read stories of young people coming to Silicon Valley and becoming company leaders at

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Kara Hodecker, Product Design Manager: “We have to stand up for each other”

This is the second of a three-part series featuring women technical leaders at Evernote. In our first article, we featured engineering director, Kathryn Koehler. Kara Hodecker is stoked. With a recent promotion, she’s become one of three women in leadership roles on the technical side of the house at Evernote. “I oversee the design across desktop, mobile, and web, and I understand what we’re shipping on the different platforms. We’re

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“Nothing Surprises Me Anymore”— Evernote’s Director of Engineering on Gender Equality and Mentoring

The struggles of women in technical fields, particularly in Silicon Valley, has made headlines this month. It has never been a secret that women who go into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers face an uphill battle for equality and respect. Some find it difficult to be taken seriously enough to be considered for the job in the first place. Silicon Valley, in particular, has been called out as

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Podcast: Taking Note with Guy Kawasaki

The Taking Note podcast is back! Thanks for the great response to Episode 1, in which we talked about goals and resolutions with leadership mentor Michael Hyatt. We received a lot of positive feedback, including some programming suggestions we hope to implement for future episodes. For Episode 2, we begin with a roundup of company news, including first-person reports on Evernote’s recent financial milestone, the successful move of our data

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Evernote on the Road: Talking Tech in Australia and Singapore

Bringing great ideas and inspiring stories to Evernote fans around the world is what Josh Zerkel does best. He’s the ambassador to the Evernote community, and if you’ve ever been to one of his live events, you know they’re always jam-packed with productivity enthusiasts from all walks of life, ready to soak up the latest tips and tricks from Josh and his hand-picked panelists of Evernote Certified Consultants. November saw

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How Evernoters Use Evernote: From Brazil to Silicon Valley

The road to Silicon Valley success, is, like Hollywood, often decidedly un-glamorous. Silicon Valley companies have so many ardent fans that a tech tourism industry has built up around companies that people love. And, like in Hollywood throughout the ages, talented young people flock to the valley in hope that one of these companies will discover them and give them a job. Julia Figueiredo was one of them. A student

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