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Make Evernote Fit Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

There was a time when people entered the workforce knowing that they would be treated pretty much as interchangeable corporate drones for the rest of their working lives. Fortunately, today companies are increasingly interested in understanding—and categorizing—personalities. And the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which was developed by a mother/daughter team of researchers in 1944, became the gold standard for figuring out personality types. You’ve probably taken a Myers-Briggs test at some

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An Inside Look at Type Ahead Search in Evernote

One of the first things I worked on when I joined Evernote was designing and implementing Type Ahead Search for the Evernote Mac Client. This is how it looks today:   Most of us, at some point, have faced the challenge of not knowing what exactly to search for when confronted with a search box and a blinking cursor. We introduced type ahead search to improve this experience for our

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