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Prove Your Worth: 3 Ways to Score a Promotion or Raise at Work

Getting a raise or promotion shouldn’t be a matter of luck. Build your organizational skills now and you’ll be ready when the opportunity arises.

Making the Most of Working from Home

Learn telecommuters’ secrets for working from home as you tackle it for the first time.

Surprising Ways Creative Minds Use Evernote

What’s your biggest goal for 2018? Finally writing that book you’ve had inside you for years? Launching a podcast? Performing stand-up comedy in front of an adoring crowd? Whatever your aspiration, this can be the year you take positive steps toward making it a reality. As scary as it might be to think about what lies ahead, big goals don’t always demand big actions. Often, all you need to achieve

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A Balanced Day: Routines and Breaks are Good For You

Maximizing your productivity is not about working as hard as you can for as long as you can. Balancing both your dedication to work routine and your ability to take breaks are crucial for quality results, thoughtful breakthroughs, and maintaining mental well-being. Incorporating routine into your workday—think of it as a way of automating your approach to your efforts, to minimize effort—can pay big dividends. Conversely, knowing when to step

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Own it: Take Personal Accountability to Work

With so many demands on our time, it’s easy to set a goal — whether it be to improve at a work-related skill, eat healthier, or devote more time to family — and not live up to our expectations. We’ve also all watched ourselves want to get from Point A to Point B, but not take the actions necessary to get there. Both can be frustrating. Part of the solution

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Does Gratitude Make Us More Productive?

We’ve all been encouraged to feel more grateful. But in today’s fast-paced life, we can find ourselves perpetually focusing on what’s next at the expense of recognizing the beauty around us. The rise of the smartphone means that we could always theoretically be responding to work emails. When we scroll through our Facebook timelines, it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people’s highlight reels and feel we aren’t enough. But

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Is Caffeine Your Productivity Friend?

A year ago, just before my son went off to college, he got a tattoo of a pr’ankh, an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “house of life.” As a lifelong actor and dancer, he proclaimed his body as the “house of his life” and promised to take care of it for the rest of his days. Among other health-related pledges, he swore off drinking coffee and all caffeine products. By the time

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How to Avoid Focus-Stealing Traps

Even for people who consider themselves good at focusing, the technology age presents a challenge. Never before have so many devices, cell phone alerts, social media platforms, advertisers, and tasks been competing for our attention. So, we could all probably use a little help getting focused. After all, focusing in the right way on the right things at the right times is a critical life success skill – one that

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Don’t Put it Off: Procrastination

We all procrastinate. Whether it’s hitting the snooze button again, not wanting to go to the dentist, or putting off an unpleasant task awaiting you (you know, that one …), we all have things we love to do and things we hate to do. We do them — eventually; the question is, what will it take to get us to do them? That sage of the early 20th century, Robert

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Francesco D’Alessio on Productivity for the Real World

Chances are good you’ve already met Francesco D’Alessio. On his YouTube channel, Francesco takes viewers through both basic and advanced Evernote tips and tricks in short, 6-12 minute chunks. Recently, Evernote’s Director of Global Community and Training Joshua Zerkel caught up with Francesco in London for a Facebook Live event to discuss personal and busines productivity. Francesco found Evernote on his iPod Touch when he was only 15 years old,

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