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Uncovering Templates, the Hidden Gem of Evernote

Update (September 24, 2018):

There’s a new way to find, manage, and use note templates in Evernote. Visit our template gallery to browse pre-made templates you can add to your Evernote account.

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One of the advantages of Evernote is flexibility. When you get a brand new account, it comes as an empty vessel to fill up with your ideas. That being said, sometimes a blank slate can be a puzzling blocker, rather than an inspirational challenge. What exactly should you be filling it with?

Alternatively, if you already know how to use Evernote, you may notice yourself capturing similar types of information or tackling the same tasks repeatedly, whether it’s taking meeting notes or making packing lists. How can you simplify everyday tasks?

Thankfully, a good template solves both of these dilemmas.

You may have heard whispers about the magic of templates in Evernote, but to many, templates are one of the hidden secrets of power users.

After an overwhelmingly positive response to a free set of business templates for entrepreneurs we recently shared with you, we realized we needed to take things even further. In order to fully demystify templates, here’s  a definitive guide on what they are and how to use them, rounding up our favorites so you can take your productivity to the next level.

The skinny on templates

Templates can provide inspiration by showing what’s possible in Evernote, and can help  you streamline processes you repeat often. The beauty of templates is that they allow you to use your powerful brain and precious time for things other than set-up and formatting.

How to use templates: copy, rinse, repeat

When you come across a template you love, click on the link to open and preview the template. Then click Save to Evernote to easily add the template as a note to your Evernote account.

Add Templates to Evernote by Clicking Save to Evernote

Create a notebook just for templates to make things easier, saving all the ones you might need in there.

Pro tip: Add your templates notebook to your shortcuts in the sidebar so you can get to it quickly.

Add Templates to Shortcuts

When it’s time to use a particular template, simply right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) and choose ‘Copy to Notebook’ from the pop-up menu.

Copy Template to Notebook

Save a copy of the template in the notebook of your choice. Then you can rename the template and get to work, leaving the original in your templates notebook so you can reuse it later.

Create and Save Custom Template Builds

If you’d prefer to use templates custom-built for your needs, the good news is that making templates is easy. Just create a new note within your templates notebook and give it a title, such as ‘Template – Meeting Notes.’ Then, add anything from checklists to tables to give your template some structure. When your new template is ready to go, create a copy of it. This way, you preserve your original template note to use again.

To learn even more about building a library of templates that you can use, reuse, and share, check out this how-to. Evernote Certified Consultants also have some great videos to walk you through the process, such as this one from template master Barbara Fuller of Simplify Days.

Templates for the taking

Whether you’re looking to capture your meeting notes, create a social media calendar, collaborate with your team, write a novel, or get a very early start on some Christmas shopping, our roundup of templates below has you covered.

We’ve put together our own templates of course, but we’ve also teamed up with others to collaborate on new ones, in addition to collecting a few awesome templates that Evernote fans have created on their own.

Grab the templates that seem most useful to you. Use each template as-is or customize them to meet your needs—it’s up to you.

With templates, the task of filling up your Evernote account or streamlining frequently used notes is not quite as daunting. The templates below let you get started right away, extending your productivity even further.

The master lists

If you’re in a hurry to get started, you can find a nice selection of templates in these two collections, but if you’re shopping for specific templates, then keep reading.

Evernote template collection. Check out the full list of templates we’ve created here at Evernote. From meeting agendas to ‘Three-Act Story Plotting’ templates, there’s something for everyone.

Take Evernote to Work collection. We recently teamed up with Barbara Fuller of Simplify Days to create 10 free business templates to help entrepreneurs streamline workflows and simplify paperwork, all in Evernote. From business trip checklists to project budgets and marketing plans, the collection is pure template gold.

Templates by topic

Check out this more detailed breakdown of templates, organized by topic.

On the job

No matter what your day job is, Evernote templates can help make it easier.


  • Find our 2017 yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendar templates here.

Goal setting and quarterly planning



Sales and customer relationships


  • Jump start your marketing efforts with this collection of marketing templates (including a marketing asset library, calendar, and personas tracker).
  • Put your ideas in motion using this Marketing Plan template.
  • Try out this Blog Post template when it’s time to write another post.
  • Take a look at this Content Planning Kit from Evernote Certified Consultant Adeea Rogers. it will set you back a few bucks, but it includes templates for planning for Twitter chats and podcasts, as well as for creating blog posts and content calendars.

Social media


Real estate

  • Keep track of documents, client information, properties, and upcoming open houses by checking out our real estate templates.

Outside the office

Productivity approaches

Creative writing

  • From “Three-Act story Plotting” to “Character Profiles,” take a look at our creative writing templates.
  • Need more inspiration? See how you can use these very templates to write a novel.

At school

For the home






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