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Evernote’s Parade of Features, Part Four: Transform Your Time With Your Tablet

Tablets: They’re not just for checking email and reading books. And if you’re one of those Evernote customers who loves using it on your desktop but hasn’t tried it on your tablet, you’re missing out. Evernote for your tablet offers a time-saving feature set that enables you to focus better and get more done. Let’s take a look.

(Mild disclaimer: Some features are only available with certain Evernote plans. If you see something you like that’s not in your plan, consider upgrading and giving your productivity a(nother) boost.)


Ideas are fleeting. And while the “having nowhere to write them down” dilemma has been solved by Evernote, sometimes you need to get those ideas down faster than fast. That’s where tablet widgets come in. They show up right on your tablet’s home screen. You can check out your latest notes and tasks without launching the app, and create new content faster. Our most popular widgets include:

  • Actions Bar: Instantly start a new note, open the camera to snap a picture, create a new task, or even use Evernote’s search function to find existing stuff.
  • Notes: Get one-touch access to your most recently edited notes, or start a new one.
  • Tasks: Check out your most recent tasks, or create a new one with a single tap.
  • Shortcuts: Making those “cuts” even shorter with quick access to your favorite notes, notebooks, and tags.

For help setting up widgets, check out this video

Seamless handoff to other devices

Write once, use on any platform. Evernote automatically syncs to every device where your Evernote account lives—desktop, web, and mobile—so you can hand off your notes from one to the other as you go through your day.

Sketch anything

Sketchers unite! You can use your finger or stylus (including your Apple Pencil) to add sketches directly in Evernote. Insert diagrams and handwritten notes right alongside your photos, audio recordings, and file attachments. Evernote also recognizes handwritten text inside your notes so you can search for it later.

For some ideas on ways to sketch, and an overview of sketch tools like pen, highlight, and eraser, check out this article.

Not a big tablet user? No problem. 

In this “Parade of Features” series, we’ve covered killer features on our iOS, Android, desktop, and web apps as well. So if you’re not a tablet user, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

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