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Today, we shipped the brand new Evernote for iOS. This milestone marks the first in a series of releases we will make across Windows, Mac, and Android platforms.

Anyone who’s followed Evernote’s progress knows this moment has been a long time coming. Much longer, in fact, than we expected when we set out to “focus on the basics” in January 2019. Sometimes, the basics aren’t basic at all. Not when millions of people are relying on you, each with unique needs and ways of using Evernote. We know you’ve been looking forward to this day. We’re excited to be here. And we believe the wait has been worth it.

As we’ve shown you through our Behind the Scenes videos, we’ve been working hard for you. Not only on the parts of the app you see and touch every day, but also on many parts you never have to think about. Our goal was to create a more coherent, more consistent Evernote experience. It had to have the speed, reliability, and scalability all of us expect. And it had to lay the groundwork for fast-paced future innovation.

Today’s launch puts the proof in your hands:

  • We have redesigned the iOS app to give you a cleaner experience with less friction. From your note list to the text formatting panel, everything is where you need and expect it to be. See our release notes for a full list.
  • If you use Evernote on iOS and your web browser, you’ll find moving between them is a smoother and more consistent experience. Navigation, search, the note editor, and every other corner of the app now work in familiar ways across platforms.
  • The app sits atop a stronger foundation. Our extensive testing and QA confirm what our beta testers and employees have known for a while: this release is more stable than any previous generation of our software.
  • That new foundation also means you’ll enjoy improved speed, and our heaviest users will find much better handling of large notebooks. But we’re not done with performance yet. There are even more improvements ahead.

The bottom line is we’re giving you a better, more engaging, and more helpful Evernote. Your notes will be more beautiful and useful thanks to our redesigned editor. You’ll find them faster through our search function, which has become more powerful and intuitive. And you’ll stay in the flow with our more reliable, intuitive, and consistent app.

To get to this point, we’ve had to tackle and solve problems we didn’t even know we were taking on when we started. It’s taken a herculean effort. And we couldn’t have done it without the dedicated involvement of our Beta Program members—over 144,000 of you, representing just about every country in the world. Through your evaluation and feedback, you’ve told us what we got right, and where we needed to try again. You’ve shared how you work and what you expect, so we could build an app that better serves you and improves on what you’ve always loved about Evernote. Your help has been invaluable to getting us here, and the entire team thanks you.

But this is not the finish line. Quite the opposite: today marks the starting line for a new Evernote.

Over the next few weeks, all Evernote users on iPhone and iPad will gain access to the upgraded app. If you’ve set your device to auto-update, you won’t have to do anything to get it. There are a handful of features (such as editing tables, widgets, and Apple Watch support) that weren’t quite ready for today’s release, but we’re actively working to get those done and you should see them in one of our regular updates. 

Soon, we’ll bring the new app experience to our Windows, Mac, and Android users, rolling out to each platform as final testing rises to meet our expectations.

We’re not stopping there, because we’ve worked too hard to allow these shiny new apps to stagnate. You can look forward to a new era of innovation at Evernote, and we’re excited about what the next year will bring.

Looking beyond the basics, we’ve been working to prioritize, design, and develop several new features we hope to ship over the coming months. Some of these features address long-standing requests from our community; others are fresh ideas that reflect what we’ve seen and heard about the ways many of you use Evernote. Together, these features will keep moving us—and you—forward. As always, our Beta Program members will be part of helping us refine and ship these improvements, so now is a terrific time to join up.

Today’s takeaway is that our iPhone and iPad users have a cool new app to download and try out; one that is better, faster, and easier to use. But that’s just one part of the story. The bigger story is that the elephant is back—energetic, vibrant, and delivering on our mission: empowering you to remember everything and accomplish anything. 

We invite you to take a moment to download and install the new Evernote on your iPhone or iPad. We think you’ll be pleased.

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