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Unveiling the New Evernote for Windows

A while back, we made a public commitment to bring about some large-scale improvements to Evernote. We believe that the best thing about our product is its uniqueness in helping you easily capture, remember, and rediscover things that are important to you.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the all-new Evernote for Windows. For this release, we really wanted to home in on the intuitive essence of Evernote, refining and expanding upon the foundational strengths that make Evernote great.

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A more intuitive sidebar navigation

Our goal for this new Evernote is to provide an experience that feels natural and familiar for Windows users. We began by paring down the left sidebar for a more streamlined workflow, so you can find and manage your content even faster.

Old and New Sidebar in Comparison

Here’s what’s new in the sidebar:

  • Select ‘Notebooks’ to pull up all your notes in the Note List. Expand the ‘Notebooks’ section to reveal all the notebook stacks and notebooks not organized into a stack.
  • Drag and drop a notebook into or out of a stack to move it to a different location.
  • ‘Trash’ now sits permanently as its own section, permitting easier access to deleted notes.

Slender sidebar option
In this update, we’re introducing the option to collapse the left sidebar into a thin navigation strip—ideal for when you need that little extra bit of working space.

Slender Sidebar as Option with new Evernote for Windows

To activate this feature, select ‘View > Left Panel’ from the Evernote menu (or use the F10 shortcut). The slender sidebar retains all the key navigation elements of the full sidebar, so you can quickly find a specific notebook or tag by clicking on its respective icon.

Quick navigation by hovering
We added a new feature to let you quickly jump to a specific notebook. When you hover over the ‘Notebooks’ section, you’ll see the option to either search for an existing notebook or create a new one. This feature applies to the ‘Tags’ section too.

Keeping work and life separate
Evernote Business users will see a noticeable change in the arrangement of their content. Previously, personal and business notes, notebooks, tags, and shortcuts existed together within their individual sections, and it wasn’t always obvious which type of content you were looking at. We addressed this ambiguity in our latest version of Evernote.

Now, personal and business content exist in two separate spaces, as indicated by the two tabs on top of the sidebar. You can immediately distinguish where you’re working and toggle between the two views.

Distinction Business and Personal Notebooks
Select the ‘Personal’ tab to display just your personal content, and select the ‘Business’ tab to display just your Evernote Business content. Another way to switch between personal and business content is to use the keyboard shortcuts Alt + 1 for ‘Personal’ and Alt + 2 for ‘Business’.

Note: To copy content from personal to business notebooks, use the right click menu options.

Smarter search and discovery

We made our search more powerful, so no matter how many notes you have in Evernote or how complex your tagging structure is, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Search Assist

You’ll notice that the search bar sits at a new, more natural place on top of the Note List, closer to your results. Now when you perform a search, Evernote will suggest narrowing down to specific notebooks and introduce parameters to refine or broaden the breadth of your search. Evernote will also scavenge through ‘Trash’ for relevant notes that might have been accidentally deleted.

Colorful ways to organize
Some content is more important than others, but up until now the options to highlight those items were limited. The new Evernote for Windows lets you add color to important notebooks and tags for quicker identification and access to your notes.

Color Notebooks and Tags

To assign a color, right-click on a desired notebook or tag, select ‘Style’ and pick your preferred color. You’ll see it immediately applied to your selection in the sidebar. When you color-code a tag, all notes with that tag will show the color in the Note List.

And more…

The new Evernote for Windows looks crisp and clean even on high-resolution displays thanks to high-DPI support. We’ve made a ton of quality, stability, and feature enhancements to the app too.

Jumping to notes from the note editor
When you’re viewing a note, you can switch to other notes within the same notebook or tag directly from the note editor. Just click on the small triangle next to a notebook name or tag to bring up the notes in the Note List.

Responsive formatting toolbar
The note-formatting toolbar now automatically hides itself when you view a note and reappears when you create or edit a note.

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Our latest version is designed for all types of Evernote Windows users in mind, whether you have just a handful of notes or thousands of them. We hope you enjoy using the new Evernote for Windows. Tell us what you think about the new features in the comments below.

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