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Evernote BusinessPowering team productivity.

The individual power of Evernote Premium, plus added team and admin features to get more done.

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Benefits for your team

  • Collaborate in a single workspace
  • Keep team projects and work together
  • Share and give feedback in one app
  • Write everything in Evernote
  • Collect images, files, and web research 
  • Sync across computers and phones
  • Fast on-boarding and SSO
  • Central user administration
  • Enhanced security with TLS/SSL
  • Mailchimp
  • Freitag
  • Glynn Capital
  • University of Kentucky

Over 20,000 companies rely on Evernote

See how to make your team more productive

Team Workspace

Collaboration for the way you work today.

  • Everything in one place

    The central place for everyone’s work. All the relevant content from notes to research to files, easily accessed.

    • James, can you share the sales graph for Q1?
    • Sure thing, I've added it to the new meeting agenda.

    In-app discussions

    Start a dialogue in Evernote and get colleague feedback as the work evolves.

  • Knowledge discovery

    Evernote acts as your digital research assistant, surfacing the teams’ most relevant work alongside related news from the sources you trust.

“Regardless of what we’re researching or what we’re studying, it’s all connected in one way or another. Evernote Business helps us find those connections.”

Aarron Walter Director of UX, MailChimp

Easy Administration

The admin console gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage your account.

Evernote Business admin interface
  • Personal Onboarding

    Accounts with 25 licenses or more receive personalized service to help you get the most out of Evernote.

  • User Management

    However the team changes, manage access to the company’s data.

  • Data Continuity

    Keep your company’s knowledge in the company, for years to come.

  • Peace of Mind

    Protect your data with industry-standard TLS/SSL encryption, and two-step verification.

Evernote Premium Features

Evernote Business includes all of our Premium features.

  • Offline access

    Achieve mobile freedom by making your work available even when a connection isn’t.

  • Mobile sync

    Automatic sync means your work is available on all your devices.

  • Better meetings

    With presentation mode, get feedback as ideas take shape without the effort of creating slides.

“Because of Evernote Business, we’ve been able to create a 100% paperless financial system.”

Krisstina Wise Founder and CEO, GoodLife Team

Help your team achieve more with Evernote Business.

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