Evernote Business for Salesforce

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Evernote Business for Salesforce

Evernote Business lets you capture and share the information you and your team need in order to do your best work. Salesforce.com makes it easy for you to manage your relationships so you can best meet the needs of your customers. Together, Evernote Business for Salesforce lets you deepen relationships, whether you're at your computer or using Salesforce1 on your mobile device.

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Evernote Business for Salesforce is available from the Salesforce AppExchange at no additional cost for customers using Evernote Business and Salesforce.com's Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com, or Developer editions of Salesforce.com.

Evernote Business is available for /user per month.

For Sales Teams

Sales managers, get a complete view of your team's activity

Easily keep track of all the key information your salespeople have been collecting so you can have better team conversations about meeting customer needs. Updates from your team automatically show up directly in your Chatter feed, and you can even add your own content and link it directly to Salesforce to give your team a head start on their conversations with potential customers.

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Collect media-rich information about potential customers

Centralize everything about your potential customers, including detailed notes, attached documents, web clips, and more, and link everything directly to Salesforce (including Custom Objects). Team members with permission will automatically see the notes you've linked and can add their own, all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Adding notes to Salesforce from Evernote

Save time by leveraging the work of your team members

Eliminate duplicating work your colleagues have already spent time on. As you're viewing a potential customer in Salesforce, you'll automatically see related contracts, proposals, meeting notes, and scanned business cards your team members have previously collected, saving you time and effort.

Screenshot of Evernote integrated in Salesforce

Easily access and update your notes - from anywhere

At your desk, edit notes from within Salesforce, and when you're on the go, access and add to them directly from the Salesforce1 app on your phone or tablet. With offline access to your notes, you can continue adding rich information (even without Internet), and they'll automatically sync to Evernote Business for Salesforce the next time you're online.

For Resellers & Consultants

Introduce your clients to an easy way to share research from the web, notes from meetings, recorded voice notes, and more, directly within Salesforce. Add value to your relationships with your customers by linking Evernote Business for Salesforce to their custom objects. Contact us to learn more about Evernote Business for Salesforce and custom objects.

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