Getting Started with Evernote Clearly


Evernote Clearly lets you read your favorite content on the Web distraction free. A simple to use browser add-on for web browsers, Evernote Clearly removes unwanted advertisements, navigation bars, and other distractions with a single click, leaving only the content you care about in a clean, easy to read format.

With Evernote Clearly you can also quickly clip content directly into your Evernote account to view anywhere you have Evernote installed, giving you an uninterrupted reading experience.

Download Evernote Clearly

To download Evernote Clearly, please visit our Evernote Clearly product page, then follow the in-browser instructions to install.

Evernote Clearly is currently available for the following Web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera


Let's start by learning how to make reading on the Web distraction-free with Evernote Clearly.

Read Distraction Free

Evernote Clearly gives you a distraction-free view of your favorite Web content at the click of a button. From blogs, to news articles, to reference materials and more, Evernote Clearly makes text cleaner and easier to read, so that you can focus on the content you care about without the ads, navigation and other distractions you don't.

Before and after screenshot

Using Evernote Clearly

To view a webpage using Evernote Clearly, simply click the Evernote Clearly icon next to the address bar in your browser window.

Browser screenshot

The main content of the webpage will be displayed free of ads, navigation and other distractions. All links, images and other media in the body of the content will be preserved and remain usable.

The Evernote Clearly Toolbar

In addition to making text clean and distraction-free, Evernote Clearly comes with a number of great additional features to improve your reading experience, including allowing you to highlight text, clip content to your Evernote account, print text, and customize text size and font.

Evernote Clearly toolbar

The following tools are available in the toolbar any time you view content in Evernote Clearly:

Return to Web iconReturn to Web View: Click to exit Evernote Clearly and return the normal Web view of the current content

Web Clipper iconWeb Clipper: Click to clip all of the content currently displayed in Evernote Clearly into your Evernote account. Once the content is successfully clipped, a confirmation will be displayed. To open the content in Evernote, click the Edit button in the confirmation dialog

Web Clipper confirmation

Highlighter iconHighlighter: Click to enable the highlighter tool, then click and drag the text you want to highlight. Highlighted text will also be preserved when you clip the content into your Evernote Account

Highlight example

Adjust text iconAdjust Text Size & Font: Click to choose a color theme, change the text size, or create your own custom theme for displaying content in Evernote Clearly

Text menu

Print iconPrint: Click to print

Related Notes

Related Notes are another great way that the Evernote family of products helps you remember everything. Anytime you view a webpage in Evernote Clearly, you will also be shown snippets from Related Notes in your Evernote account. To view a Related Note, click it to open it in Evernote.

Related Notes


Next, take a look at how easy it is to clip content from the Web directly into your Evernote account, using Evernote Clearly.

Save to Your Evernote Account

Similar to the Evernote Web Clipper, Evernote Clearly allows you to save content from the Web directly into your Evernote account, making it easy to capture useful information to read or reference later.

Related Notes

To clip the content currently displayed in Evernote Clearly, simply click the Web Clipper icon Web Clipper icon in the toolbar. If this is your first time using Evernote Clearly, you will be asked to log in to Evernote. Evernote Clearly will even automatically attempt to tag and save your clipped content to a related notebook thanks to the Smart Filing feature.


Time to fully customize your reading experience with Evernote Clearly. Take a look at the available preferences next.

Customize Evernote Clearly

There are a number of ways to customize your reading and Web Clipping experience with Evernote Clearly via the Preferences menu. Please be aware that the location of the Evernote Clearly Preferences menu may vary based on what version of your browser you are using.

To open the Preferences menu, do the following:


  • Mac: Click Window > Extensions, then click Options next to Evernote Clearly
  • Windows: Click the menu icon to the right of the address bar and select Settings, then click Extensions in the left sidebar, and click Options next to Evernote Clearly


  • Mac: Click Tools > Add-Ons, then click the Preferences button next to Evernote Clearly
  • Windows: Click Firefox > Add-Ons, then click Extensions in the left sidebar, followed by the Options button next to Evernote Clearly


  • Mac: Click Window > Extensions
  • Windows: Click the Opera menu > Extensions


The following preferences can be set from the 'Options' tab:

Keyboard shortcuts: Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to some of the most used features in Evernote Clearly. The default keyboard shortcuts are displayed

Tags: Specify one or more tags to automatically be associated with any Web Clips saved to your Evernote account with Evernote Clearly

Notebook: Select whether Evernote Clearly should save clipped content to your default notebook, or a different notebook of your choosing

Smart Filing: Select whether Evernote Clearly should use Smart Filing to automatically predict tags, notebook or both when clipping content to your Evernote account. You may also disable Smart Filing

Related Notes: Select whether Related Notes should be shown, shown only at the bottom of the screen, or not shown when you view content in Evernote Clearly

Account: Displays the Evernote account that you are currently signed in with. Any Web Clips captured with Evernote Clearly will be saved to this account

Custom Theme

Evernote Clearly does more than just remove all of the distractions from content on the Web, it also gives you the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your reading experience.

The following preferences can be set in the 'Custom Theme' tab:

  • Body Font: The font used to display body text

  • Header Font: The font used to display content headers, such as article titles and section titles

  • Monospace Font: The font used to display any monospaced text, such as code samples

  • Background Color: The color that appears as the background behind text

  • Foreground Color: The color that will be used for text

  • Base Font Size: The font size that will be used for body text

  • Line Height: The amount of vertical space between lines of text

  • Line Width: The total horizontal width that text spans across the screen

  • More Options: Click to view advanced formatting options, including CSS, text alignment, and image settings

Any changes you make to your custom theme will automatically be previewed in the displayed sample text, so you can easily see how your new settings will look in Evernote Clearly.


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