How to use note links to connect between notes

How to create note links

Currently available on Evernote for Windows or Mac

To create a link to a specific note, right-click the note in the note list and choose Copy Note Link. A link to that note will be placed in the system clipboard, ready to be pasted into whichever application you like.

These links can be used to link directly between notes as well as linking to specific notes from within other applications or contexts. Links to individual notes will also work on our Android and iOS clients.

Note: Links generated using Copy Note Link are only valid when you're browsing within Evernote. Others will be able to use these links in Evernote if they have access to all the linked notes. To share a link to an individual note with all others, send a Work Chat to any email address or create a public link (URL) for that note and paste into your email or social networking application.

Use note links to create a Table of Contents

Use Note Links to create a Table of Contents for a set of notes inside of a notebook. This is particularly useful if you are sharing a notebook with other individuals.

To create a Table of Contents using note links:

  1. Create a link to the first note in your contents list. Right-click the note in your note list and choose Copy Note Link.
  2. Create a new note and paste the link (it shows up as the hyperlinked title of your note) on it.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all other notes you’d like to include in your table of contents. Rearrange the links in the order you’d like people to view the notebook. You may even want to add this table of contents note as a Reminder in the Reminder list at the top of the notes list so it's easy for people to access.

More about how to create a table of contents note

You can perform this as a batch action, too. Select multiple notes, right click and then add them to your new or existing note.