Attaching a file

Just about anything can be attached to a note, including files, images and audio. You can even attach snapshots taken with your phone or desktop computer's camera.

What kinds of files might I put into Evernote?

How to attach a file

Both free and Premium subscribers can attach any type of file to a note. The only limitation is that attached files cannot increase the size of a note beyond the per-note size limit- 25 MB for free users and 100 MB for Premium users.

Mac and Windows Desktop

Find the file that you wish to attach, then drag and drop the file into:

Mobile devices


Open and edit attachments from inside a note

Note: You can preview attachments from any device, but the ability to edit an attachment is currently supported on desktop computers.

To preview and edit attached files directly from Evernote:

  1. Open the note and locate the attached file
  2. Right-click (Windows) or select the 'Quick Look' preview button, the eye, (Mac) on the attached file
  3. Select Open or Open With
  4. Select a compatible application to preview and edit your file

 Once you've opened the file with a supported application, any edits you make will be saved and previewed from Evernote.


Save an attachment from a note to your computer

If you'd like to save a file to your computer, you can right-click the file and choose Save As...