Attaching a file

Just about anything can be attached to a note, including files, images and audio. You can even attach snapshots taken with your phone or desktop computer's camera.

What kinds of files might I put into Evernote?

How to attach a file

Any type of file can be attached to a note, but attached files can't increase your note size beyond the maximum note size for your account. More about maximum note sizes

Mac and Windows Desktop

Find the file that you wish to attach, then drag and drop the file into:

Mobile devices


Open and edit attachments from inside a note

Note: You can preview attachments from any device, but the ability to edit an attachment is currently supported on desktop computers.

To preview and edit attached files directly from Evernote:

  1. Open the note and locate the attached file
  2. Right-click (Windows) or select the 'Quick Look' preview button, the eye, (Mac) on the attached file
  3. Select Open or Open With
  4. Select a compatible application to preview and edit your file

 Once you've opened the file with a supported application, any edits you make will be saved and previewed from Evernote.


Save an attachment from a note to your computer

If you'd like to save a file to your computer, you can right-click the file and choose Save As...