How do I create a saved search?

If you have a search term or phrase that you use frequently, you can save it to Evernote. Saved searches are synced across all your devices.

Create a saved search

Windows: Perform your search, then click the 'Save search...' button.

Mac: Perform your search, then select Edit > Find > Save Search.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Perform your search, then tap the Save Search icon (magnifying glass with + symbol on it).

Android: Perform your search, then tap Add to Home Screen.


Use tags in a saved search

If you tag your notes, you can create saved searches to help you find notes based on those tags. Set up saved searches for the tags as a part of your search criteria. Tags can be combined with advanced search syntax to create very specific saved searches.


Learn more about the difference between saved searches and tags

Use a saved search

To recall a saved search, click or tap in your search box. You'll see a list of your saved searches appear below the search box.

Save to shortcuts

In Evernote for Mac and Evernote for Windows you can create a shortcut for your saved searches. Just click into your search bar to show your list of saved searches, then drag your search into the shortcuts bar.