How do I deactivate my account?

Deactivating your account basically means you are turning off your account access. Note that Evernote doesn’t automatically delete your notes when you deactivate your account. Unless you take the steps to completely remove email address and username (see step 4), you will be able to reactivate your inactive account by logging in with your old username and/or email address and password and following the instructions for reactivation.


1) Cancel your Evernote subscription. If you are paying for Evernote, you will need to cancel your subscription via the service through which you subscribed. See full details about managing your subscription in this article.


2) Export your notes. You can export your notes as HTML or XML files by following the steps in this article.


3) Delete all your notes. Open your notes list, select all notes and delete them, then select the Trash and Empty the Trash. We do not keep your information on file once you have deleted it from the system. Any data you choose to keep is your choice, for any future access should you decide to reactivate.

NOTE: Evernote doesn't automatically delete your notes when you deactivate your account, so you will need to take this step if you want to completely delete your account from Evernote’s systems.


4) (OPTIONAL) Contact us to completely remove email address and username. Please contact Customer Support and let them know that you have deleted your account contents, you are ready to deactivate your account, and that you want your account information removed from Evernote’s systems.


5) Deactivate. To deactivate your Evernote account, log in to Evernote Web and click the "Deactivate Account" link in the Settings area. You'll need to confirm the deactivation on the next page.


To reactivate an inactive account, just login using the inactive username and password, then follow the instructions.