How do I earn and use Evernote Points?


What's great about Evernote Points?

You can redeem Evernote gift cards, Premium coupons, and carrier promotions for Evernote Points. You may store points in your Evernote account and use them to get a monthly or annual subscription to Evernote Premium.

Learn more on the Evernote Points page.


Earning Evernote Points

You can earn Evernote Points any time by referring new users to Evernote or by activating any Upgrade Code or Premium promotion while you are already a subscriber to Evernote Premium or Evernote Plus.

For example:

 You can earn Points from referrals in two ways:

Your friends also benefit from referrals. Every friend you refer - regardless of whether they earn points for you - will be given a month of Evernote Premium just for getting started.

You are limited to a maximum of 5 referrals per day from the same IP address. Referrer will not earn Points for any referrals above the first 5 from the same IP address during a single 24-hour-period, nor will the recipient of the referral receive the complimentary month subscription to Evernote Premium.


Using Evernote Points

To view your Evernote Point balance or use them for a reward:

  1. Log into Evernote in your web browser and view your Evernote Account Settings > Evernote Points
  2. Choose your reward from the list

You can use Evernote Points at any time. Evernote Points may expire after 5 years of no points activity in your Evernote account. Evernote Points and rewards are non-transferable. For full details see the Evernote Commercial Terms.



What if I’m Already an Evernote Premium or Evernote Plus Subscriber?

Depending on how you pay for your existing Evernote Plus or Evernote Premium subscription, using Points to obtain Evernote Premium will work a little differently, as explained in more detail below. In some cases, to maximize the value of your existing subscription, you may decide to wait until the end of your existing subscription before using Evernote Points to obtain a subscription to Evernote Premium.

Redeeming Evernote Points when you already have a Plus Subscription:

Redeeming Evernote Points when you already have a Premium Subscription: