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Evernote makes sharing notes and working together simple. Here are a few ways to share your work with Evernote:

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Share individual notes

Sending a note to a team member lets you point them directly to the content you want them to see.

Screenshot of Share note... option from note editor

You can share:


Share notes in Work Chat

Screenshot of note shared in Work Chat

To share an individual note in Work Chat:

  1. Select a note from the note list.
  2. From the note list, select Share (desktop computers) or tap the Work Chat button, the speech bubble with an arrow (mobile).
    Note: In desktop clients, you can drag and drop notes directly from the note list into a chat. With both your note list and chat window open, drag and drop a note anywhere on the chat window. Select the arrow (pointing down) on the 'Share' button to expand the menu for other note sharing options.
  3. Set the permission level to 'Can edit and invite', 'Can edit', or 'Can view'.
  4. Enter at least one email address (or select at least one contact), type a message if you'd like to, then click or tap Send


Once you’ve shared a note with someone, they’ll see a pop-up and Work Chat badge appear on their computer or device to notify them. If your recipients don’t have an Evernote account, they'll receive an email or SMS message* notifying them that they’ve received a Work Chat message from you. They can then choose to sign up or log in to Evernote in order to view your shared notebook and chat with you.

* Note: SMS invitation feature is not available in all countries.


Share a public link (URL) to a note

Note: Currently available on desktop computers and mobile devices

If you want to share a note in another application, you can copy public links and paste them or post them. Once someone has a public link to your note, they will always have the most recent version of your note, and can even save it directly to their Evernote account. Because this is a public link, anyone with that link can see the contents of your note until you stop.

To share a public link to your note, select the note, then do the following:


Email a note

To email a note, select the note from the note list, then do the following:

Once people receive your email, they receive a snapshot of the note at the time you shared it. They won't see any content changes that you may make to that note later.


How to change note permissions or stop sharing

To stop sharing a note at any time, you can select a note, then do the following:



iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch




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