Using Evernote reminders to manage tasks

Reminders are a great way to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information or notes that you need in order to accomplish tasks.

Set a reminder for any note by opening the note and clicking or tapping the reminder icon.

a note showing the reminders button a date picker

For time-sensitive reminders, you can also add a date and time.



Reminders appear in a to-do list pinned at the top of your note list where they can be sorted, marked as complete, and more.

reminders listed above note thumbnails



Open a notebook to see reminders in only that notebook or to create a new reminder inside that notebook.

reminders listed inside a notebook



You can opt to receive email alerts on the day timed reminders are due. More about setting up email alerts.

reminders listed inside a notebook



Once you've completed a task associated with a reminder, check it off in the reminders list. Checking off a reminder does not delete the original note. To check off a reminder, simply click the checkmark, or swipe to the left and tap the reminder icon on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

marking a reminder as done

More about subscribing to or unsubscribing from reminders and email alerts

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