Getting Started with Evernote for Salesforce

Note: This article is for administrators of Evernote for Salesforce. Users should see the Evernote Business User Guide and the Evernote for Salesforce Tour.

It's easy to get started using Evernote for Salesforce:

1. Sign up for Evernote or Evernote Business

Create an Evernote account to link only your own notes, or get Evernote Business for your company to allow your team to share knowledge and collaborate.

2. Sign up for a Salesforce account

If your business doesn't already have a account, create a account for your business. Evernote for Salesforce is available at no additional cost for customers using's Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, or Developer editions.

3. Install the Evernote for Salesforce integration

An administrator for your Salesforce account will install the Evernote for Salesforce managed package. See the Evernote for Salesforce Installation and Administration Guide for installation details.

4. Create and link notes from Evernote to your Salesforce records

Once you have Evernote for Salesforce installed, you can start using Evernote to create notes and link them to your Salesforce records.

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