How to Search for Text Inside an Image

Did you know that when you snap a photo or attach an image to a note, Evernote can find and identify text — including handwritten text — inside that image?

Here are few ways to use it.

Make it Work for You

  1. Snap photos of restaurant menus (including takeout menus) and collect them in your Evernote account for future reference.

  2. Snap photos of wine and beer labels to keep track of your favorites and any tasting notes.

  3. Attach PDFs for a research project; type in a few keywords associated with the PDF to quickly jump to the page you’re looking for inside the PDF.

  4. Snap photos of gift cards and gift certificates so you always know where you might have some extra money to spend.

  5. Snap photos of handwritten birthday cards and revisit them whenever your heart desires.

  6. Snap photos of warranties, product care instructions, and any other handy piece of information you come across in paper form (as pictured in photo above).

These are just a few of the ways searching for text inside an image (enabled by our OCR technology) can come in handy.