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Evernote lets you quickly and easily share any of your notebooks with other people, if you choose. Share a notebook and allow others to view and collaborate on work.

Here are a few ways to share your notebooks:

  1. Share a notebook with one or more individuals
  2. Share a notebook with everyone in your Evernote Business


Screenshot of notebook shared in Work Chat


Use shared notebooks to:

Share a notebook with one or more individuals


To share a notebook in Work Chat:

  1. Open the notebook list and find the notebook you want to share.
  2. Click the Work Chat button (speech bubble with an arrow) that appears when you hover over a notebook (desktop computers) or tap Edit (iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch) or tap the options menu (Android).
  3. Set the permission level to 'Can edit and invite', 'Can edit', or 'Can view'.
  4. Enter at least one email address (or select at least one contact), type a message if you'd like to, then click or tap Send

When you share a notebook using Work Chat, recipients can open the notebook directly from the chat and immediately chat with you about it. Once someone views a personal notebook shared with them in Work Chat, that notebook is added to their account. Any time someone shares a business notebook with other members of their business, the notebook is automatically added to the recipient's business notebooks list the next time they sync.

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Set permission levels


Screenshot of notebook permission options

When you invite someone to work with you in a notebook, you decide how much access to give them:


How to change notebook permissions or stop sharing

To view and edit permissions for notebooks you've already shared, find the notebook from the notebook list, then do the following:

Publish a notebook to your company's business account

You can share a business notebook with your entire company so that any user in the Business may view the contents and add it to their notebook list. If you want to publish a personal notebook, you'll first need to convert it into a business notebook.
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Share anything that might be a good resource for your company, such as:

To publish a Business notebook so that everyone across the business can access it:

  1. Open your list of notebooks (make sure to display business notebooks) and choose a notebook to publish.

  2.  Tap Edit or the options menu on mobile devices. On desktop computers, right-click on a Business notebook and select Publish Notebook... (Mac), or select More Sharing..., then click Publish (Windows Desktop).

  3. Add a description for your notebook. This description will be visible to anyone browsing notebooks in the Business Home.

  4. Give your team the level of access you want and select Publish to start sharing the notebook.

    You can select the level of access your whole team will have—'can view', 'can edit', or 'can edit and invite'. You can also use a mix of permissions across individuals and the business, for example, inviting the company to view the employee handbook but only inviting members of HR make edits.

Note: If you ever decide you want to remove company-wide access to a notebook, select or tap the 'X’ beside your business’ name in sharing settings.

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