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Evernote: Now Open to Everyone

Evernote Launches Public Beta of Popular Cloud and Desktop 'Memory-Capturing' Service; Offers Free and Premium Subscriptions

Sunnyvale, Calif., June 24, 2008 – Evernote, a web service with full-featured desktop and mobile clients designed to allow users to easily capture and find information, memories, and content in any environment, today announced its public availability and a new subscription model. Access to Evernote is now available to everyone, without the need for a prior invitation, on the Web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other mobile devices. Over 120,000 users have participated in Evernote's invitation-only closed beta in the past four months.

Evernote allows users to capture information in any environment using virtually any device or platform, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. The product's innovative recognition and synchronization technology allows users to capture their memories as text, snapshots, digital ink or audio and then easily find and share them. Printed and handwritten text within images is made fully searchable and all notes are automatically synchronized between the network and local devices.

In addition to opening up the service, Evernote also announced details of its new subscription pricing. Premium users will benefit from an expanded 500MB monthly upload allowance, priority access to image recognition servers, stronger security options, and premium support. Evernote will charge $5 per month, or $45 for a full year, for Premium service. Free users will get a 40MB monthly upload allowance and have access to all clients and tools. These limits apply only to information added in a given month, not to the total amount of data that a user can store.

The latest release also features a completely redesigned Evernote Web user interface and a new version of the company's Web Clipper bookmarklet. The new Web Clipper allows users to instantly save the contents and links of a webpage into their Evernote accounts, a feature popular among bloggers, researchers, and online shoppers.

Other features include public notebook Facebook and blog integration, PDF support, encryption, and automatic synchronization of notes, to-do lists, snapshots, and audio notes among all Evernote clients. In recent weeks, Evernote has also released major upgrades to its Windows and Mac versions.

“Our goal is to make Evernote an extension of human memory. Since memorable things can happen at any time, online or in the real world, we realized that we needed to go beyond traditional web 2.0 and develop native clients for the major computer and phone platforms, in addition to a powerful web service. The response has been amazing,” said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “Opening up the beta is a huge step for the company. We're excited to introduce the world to Evernote, and we hope it becomes the place to store everyone's memories for months, years, and decades to come.”

To sign up, create your own Evernote notebooks, and watch an introductory demo video, please visit: www.evernote.com.