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Evernote To Be Bundled With Sony VAIO Computers Worldwide

Computers Will Be Pre-installed With An Exclusive Version of Evernote

Mountain View, California—January 26, 2010—Evernote®, maker of the popular multiplatform application designed to help people remember everything with any computer and device they use, announced today that an exclusive version of the new Evernote for Windows will be pre-installed on Sony® VAIO™ computers worldwide. As part of this bundle, Evernote is enabling functionality that will only be available to users of the new devices.

Evernote offers VAIO users an enhanced version of its powerful service and allows individuals to easily capture their ideas and experiences, save interesting web pages, track tasks and to-dos, and store documents. Everything in Evernote is kept synchronized across all computers and mobile devices that a person uses. This allows an individual to access everything kept in Evernote at any time. Evernote's unique search and recognition functionalities make it easy to find any item, even text within images and handwritten notes.

"We're thrilled to be working closely with the VAIO Business Group of Sony to bring Evernote to millions of individuals worldwide," said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. "Evernote and VAIO share the vision of improving people's digital lives. Together with the Sony VAIO, we are turning these great computers into tools to help people remember everything. Sony is a key partner for Evernote and we look forward to more collaboration in the future."

Exclusive features

Sony VAIO computers come with an integrated Motion Eye® web cam. To take advantage of this, Evernote created a Web Cam Note feature, which allows users to make instant snapshot notes-great for photos of business cards. Selected VAIO computers, which include the Quick Web Access functionality, come equipped with the Evernote Web Clipper. The Web Clipper allows users to save entire web pages and create quick notes with a single click.


Evernote is bundled with all newly-manufactured Sony VAIO computers starting with the 2010 Spring models. Initial rollout will include the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and SE Asia.