Increase business productivity in real time

Evernote Business provides your team with tools to unlock greater organizational power, collaboration skills, and time management. Now with Spaces, teamwork moves forward faster and teams accomplish even greater things, together.

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Productivity software that works for any size team

Reduce information overload

Don’t lose great ideas in the noise of today’s workplace.

  • Capture and save anything, from any device, at any time

  • Team knowledge - from whiteboard pics to searchable PDFs - is organized and available, even offline.

  • Permissions-based sharing keeps the right people on the same page, working with the same information


Supercharge your apps

Avoid switching back and forth between apps.

  • Save important emails and attachments from Outlook with one click.

  • Use Google Drive to add context to your notes, related projects, meetings and action items.

  • Automatically save important prospect and client information to Salesforce leads and accounts.

  • Clip and save Slack messages without copy and pasting.


Skip starting from scratch

Find your team’s best ideas in one place.

  • Spaces, exclusively for Evernote Business, lets different teams gather and share information and updates automatically.

  • Search anything the team’s collected like notes, images, and attachments.

  • Practical AI suggests relevant materials related to what you’re working on, providing a solid starting point for your next project.


Work better together

Evernote Business keeps teams running smoothly.

  • Relationship Managers use integrations with Salesforce and Slack to keep up-to-date client lists, notes, and insights.

  • Project Managers create custom pipelines, track progress, and keep processes optimized and useful.

  • Employees on the go capture client notes, inspiration from the web or important emails, then distribute widely later.

  • Collaborative groups use notes, notebooks, and spaces with relevant materials and permission-based access to get the right information to the right people.


“The average knowledge worker wastes about 2.5 hours per day searching for information, which is about 30% of your total salary costs.”

Dr. Beat Bühlmann

Triple Overload Challenge

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All your notes, secured in the cloud

Our users trust us with literally billions of notes, projects and ideas. We’ve earned this trust because we keep your data private, protected and portable.

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More Ways Your Team Can Use Evernote Business

With Evernote Business your team can set up custom workflows, turn handwritten materials into saved notes, connect with remote colleagues, access information offline from any device and so much more.

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