Evernote + Salesforce Integration

Search quickly, provide transparency effortlessly, and boost productivity with the Evernote Business for Salesforce integration.

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A seamless experience

Evernote Business + Salesforce integration is the one place for all the information your team needs to succeed. Connect various types of data, add meeting notes, scan business cards, and centralize sales collateral without leaving Salesforce. Access it all from the office or on the road. Keep stakeholders in the loop with one place for updates, even if they don’t have Salesforce.

What to expect


Never look unprepared again. All your organization's tribal knowledge centralized and accessible for leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities.


Connect people, teams, and content beyond what is stored in a salesforce record. Notes are automatically synced and searchable in both Evernote and Salesforce.


Don’t worry about how you take notes - whiteboard, notebooks, stickies, or even a napkin, Evernote stores them all and links them to any Salesforce records.

Less time searching, more time selling

Stop duplicate activity. Notes created in Salesforce automatically show up in your activity log so your boss knows exactly how productive you’ve been, and where you are in a project, without any extra work for you.

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