Organize company documents with Evernote Business

Evernote Business as a document management solution

Organize your company’s information, simply.

Some days, it can feel like your documents are managing you. Whether you’re looking for the latest contract or that presentation from five years ago, quickly finding what you need is anything but easy. With so many tools and so much information scattered across offices and teammates, you lose hours hunting for the things you need to move work forward. And let’s face it, your computer’s search bar isn’t always great at, you know, finding things.

With Evernote Business, you can organize and manage your company’s documents so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Capture essential company documents all in one secure place, regardless of format. Whether it’s employee onboarding checklists, legal templates, or marketing materials, when it’s all in one central hub, everyone always has the latest version. That way your team can stop searching and get back to moving work forward.

Create a central hub with everything your team needs

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Store all types of files, from Office docs and PDFs to audio, images, and Google docs.

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Don’t be limited by files and folders—organize your way so you can actually find what you need.

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Keep your team in sync by creating a single place for everyone in your company to get the info they need.

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Spend less time searching for files or hunting for documents and more time getting things done.

Get the power to actually find the documents and files you need

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