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The Real Estate Office Meets Evernote.

Putting paperwork in its place

Any real estate transaction comes with all kinds of documentation. Surveys, disclosures, contingencies and more. There’s a lot of paper.

That’s why Bill Schiavone was excited when he discovered Evernote Business. Bill is a broker with Royal LePage Real Estate Ltd. and a partner in The Schiavone Diamond Team (, in Oakville, near Toronto. They’re doing very well and Bill is the first one to give Evernote some of the credit. He put it this way, “I saw the value of Evernote immediately. I knew my brain needed this software".

Of course it’s not all paper. Much of the information is online or in the form of attachments and Evernote is perfectly designed to straddle the flow of both online and paper input. With online, scans, photos, email and tools like DocuSign, an entire real estate deal fits nicely in an Evernote notebook.

All our Information has a brand new home

Bill and his team rely on Evernote Business because it’s so easy to keep all the documents for a transaction in one place, always updated and always available. Bill reports that “we tried CRM programs but none of them clicked with the team. Our solution was to use Evernote and design our own system around the way we work.” Every property has a notebook, and anything relevant to that residence is in there: photos, notes, maps, client info, audio notes, comp information, everything.

You can feel the difference everyday

Evernote Business saves countless hours of looking for things, which means way more time for clients. But there’s an even bigger benefit. Bill says that the atmosphere in the office is different since they’ve started using Evernote. Instead of the daily ‘my hair’s on fire’ exercise, there’s a new focus and confidence. Bill describes it as a “clear headedness that comes from not having to worry about the state of a transaction at any given moment.”

That’s what happens when you eliminate the lingering fear that there’s something missing, or not taken care of, or not signed on time. We asked Bill what he’d do without Evernote. Without skipping a beat he said, “I’d be miserable”.

Schiavone Diamond is a residential real estate firm founded in 1998. With a carefully selected core of seasoned real estate professionals, the firm works with buyers and sellers in the Oakville/Toronto area. Fully committed to a positive customer experience, they provide all the information and advice a client may need on a 24/7 basis. No detail is overlooked, so that the best client scenarios can be foreseen.

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