Many Backgrounds. One Evernote.

We believe that different perspectives lead to better ideas. To help us address the needs and interests of a global community, we’re working to create a more trusting and collaborative environment within Evernote—one where all employees can be their authentic selves.

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Diversity Data

The following data was collected through a voluntary, company-wide survey. Currently, these graphs reflect 100% of our US employees. We do not collect race/ethnicity data on international employees. We’ll continue to update these graphs to align with our mid-year and year-end rewards cycles.



2018 Hiring Rates

Gender Pay Equity

How we’re creating a more inclusive Evernote:


Giving everyone a fair chance

We actively seek out underrepresented candidates and structure the interview experience to give people the best chance to show their strengths.

Workplace Inclusion

Fostering a sense of community

We honor individual identity and value self-awareness. Our employee programs help us build connections with one another and our local communities.

Learning & Development

Working to build relationships

Evernote prioritizes training around unconscious bias, promotes open communication, and provides space and support for employee resource groups.

Policies & Practices

Committing to equality

We believe in pay equity for employees with comparable skills, experience, and performance, and our benefits respect LGBTQ and non-traditional families.