Updates to Our Privacy Center Documents

Privacy Policy

July 3, 2017 updates to the October 4, 2016 version:

  • Improves the look and feel to be more user friendly with expandable sections that provide greater detail when a user wants it
  • Introduces an opt-in clause explaining that, upon notice and in the context of specific product features, users may voluntarily provide access to content to improve the service
  • Clarifies data ownership for Evernote Business accounts
  • Narrows when Customer Support agents would need to view user content to evaluate alleged Terms of Service violations
  • Specifies when and how we'll push back on government inquiries
  • Certifies our compliance to the Swiss-US and EU-US Privacy Shield frameworks
  • Defines how we use information from 3rd parties

Cookie Information Page

August 28, 2017 updates to the January 12, 2016 version:

We updated the list of analytics technologies and social media features we use, and we updated information about how you can opt out of certain tracking technologies.

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